As of April 3, 2022, all restrictions have been lifted. Wearing a face mask is no longer compulsory.

Please note that some European countries and airlines still require COVID passports and face masks so please check the requirements on their websites.

We recommend getting COVID-19 insurance to include travel arrangements and health issues. 

The Government of the Republic in cooperation with the Scientific Advisory Board does a weekly assessment of the virus risk in Estonia, updates the list of countries with a high infection rate and changes the procedure of entry into Estonia as is necessary. You can stay up to date with the changes regarding travelling to and conduct in Estonia here. In the event, any necessary safety measures will be taken based on the requirements of the government and the infection rate in Estonia.



If you need to take a PCR test before returning to your home country, the medicine lab SYNLAB is happy to help you. 

In order to give a sample, you must book an appointment at least 1-2 days before – unfortunately, we cannot guarantee available appointments if booked any later than that.  

You will get the test result within 24 hours of testing. The results will be emailed to you in an encrypted email. All the details for that will be collected from you at the testing centre. 

Please notice that the testing method for COVID-19 is the Nucleic acid amplification test (real-time RT-PCR). 

In SYNLAB 2 ways to collect a coronavirus sample are used: sampling from pharyngeal washings or sampling from the nasopharynx. If you choose to give a sample from pharyngeal washings, then we kindly ask you not to eat, drink, smoke, chew gum and brush your teeth 1 hour before giving the sample. 

How to book an appointment: Call SYNLAB customer support at 17123 (when calling from abroad +372 640 8231) (Mon-Fri 8-18) OR write to 

The sample can be given at the following Tallinn sampling points: 

  1. Töökoja 1 (SYNLAB sample collection point), Mon–Fri 7:30–19:00 
  2. Tammsaare tee 104a (rear parking lot, mobile testing point) Mon-Fri 8-16:30 (lunch 12-12:30) 
  3. Mere pst 10 (Europark EP29, mobile testing point) Mon-Fri 11:30–20:00 (lunch 15:30–16:00) 

The cost of the corona test with the certificate is 47€, which can be paid at the testing centre by card or in cash.